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Do you like English? Are you looking for something new to do with your friends over the summer? Are you interested in how an international company works?

Well then… let’s go!

Internationality is of increasing importance, especially in the work place. However, what does that actually mean? What exactly are we talking about when we say that a company operates internationally? Plus, which qualifications do I have to bring to the table to work in an international work environment one day myself? Is International Business, professionally speaking, even a promising perspective for me?

In our Summer Workshop in International Business of the International Business School at Hochschule Fresenius, University of Applied Sciences, you will learn the ropes of International Business. We tell you how international companies function, how you work together successfully in an international team and what you have to keep in mind when calling international markets and economies your field of work. Together with other participants of the Summer Workshop in International Business, you develop your own concept for an international company, which gives you the unique chance to apply what you have learned immediately. The Summer Workshop includes a tutorial in how to give a professional presentation, an excursion to the grounds of an international company and a joint barbeque. The whole workshop is entirely in English. This way, you learn all the important Business English terminologies. At the same time, the all-English Summer Workshop gives you a good insight of what it is like to study completely in English as a Bachelor of International Business at Hochschule Fresenius.

Experienced lecturers of the International Business School at Hochschule Fresenius lead each of the seminars and are available at all times for advice or concerns. Naturally, you also get the chance to talk directly to students at the International Business School and ask them any questions regarding studying in English, the study program International Business or simply student life at Hochschule Fresenius.

Join the Summer Workshop – and apply now till 15th May 2018!


Summer Workshop in International Business from 23rd July till 27th July 2018

  • Registration start: 1st Feb 2018
  • Registration end: 15th May 2018
  • Participation age: Participants must be at least 16 years old at the start of the workshop
  • Minimum group size: 10 Participants
  • Maximum group size: 25 Participants
  • Costs: 149.00€, including lunch and barbeque afternoon
  • Place: Hochschule Fresenius, Im MediaPark 4c, 50670 Cologne
  • “Bring a Friend” discount: If you register together with someone, the price of the workshop will is only 249.00€ for both of you.
  • The payment is made by invoice after registration.

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Our program


Welcome to the Summer Workshop in International Business
Program Overview and a first international challenge

Before we begin the actual Summer Workshop in International Business program, we’ll introduce you to what you can expect during the week, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet our team while you work with the other participants to solve a puzzle on campus. Be prepared for anything!


Learning the language of business
Introduction to International Business and Business English

On the first day, we’ll explain the basic concepts of International Business and show you which role internationalization and globalization play in our lives. What specific aspects are there in an international organization and a global market, and what role do intercultural differences play? You will also become familiar with the most important terms in Business English so that you can use them confidently in the following days.


Bringing my business to life
Create business concepts for international markets

After learning the basics of International Business, it now gets hands-on: we’ll introduce different international organization models and you’ll use one of these to develop your own small business idea in a team. Your team will work on this idea continuously in the following seminars, slowly building it up to a full-blown concept.


Facts tell, but stories sell
Improve presentation and PowerPoint skills

To help you skillfully present your ideas and concepts throughout and at the end of the workshop, we will be doing some presentation training together. We’ll explain how to structure a professional presentation, give tips on the design and you’ll get a chance to practice giving a powerful presentation. You don’t need to bring your own laptop, Hochschule Fresenius will provide one for this session.


Learn from the pros
Excursion to an international company

After getting a general idea of important aspects of organizations in an international environment, we’ll be going on an excursion to an international company in the Cologne area. Here you’ll be able to see how an international business in Germany works, how such an organization is structured and receive useful information and tips from those involved in the field on a daily basis.


Midweek BBQ
BBQ and meeting with international students

At midpoint of the workshop, there will be a barbecue together – and of course, there will be international aspects here as well: alongside classic sausages, you can look forward to various snacks from different countries and cultures. Plus, a few students of the International Business School will be there so that you can find out about student life, what it’s like to study in English and how a semester abroad works.


Making the right decisions
Maths and statistics in business decision making

Now your own business is taking shape, but how do successful entrepreneurs actually know what makes them successful? Your own gut feeling can be a helpful tool in making decisions; however, you can never be sure if it’s the right one and in fact, you may be deciding something that is bad for the organization. Our reasoning has a lot of difficulties understanding and calculating probabilities, and yet we think to know our chances of success beforehand. Are your instincts particularly more trustworthy than average? They are for 99% of entrepreneurs… or so they think they are, oblivious to any possible mental bias. In this short class, we’ll look at how we think and focus on how that can help you make better decisions for your business idea.


Buy me! Please!
Basics of International Marketing

You now have a great organization idea and a great product that should bought by lots of people. For that to happen, customers need to know the product exists and you need to convince them that yours is the one to buy. That’s why we’ll explain the fundamentals of marketing and also show you what needs to be considered in an international market, what consumers are looking for and how to market your organizational concept most effectively.


There is no “I” in team
Creating and leading international teams

In most cases, an organization also needs employees. They need to carry out different tasks and have the right skills. Here you’ll find out about what such a recruiting process looks like and how to develop and support your employees. Additionally, we’ll talk about important aspects of international teams where people of different nations and cultures are working together. Using your own business concept, you’ll develop strategies and processes that fit your organization.


Get business done
Group work and presentation of business concepts

At the end of the Summer Workshop in International Business you will have time to put together a presentation with your group summarizing the ideas that you have come up with during the week. Afterwards, you will present your results to the other participants and we’ll discuss the international business concept you’ve developed. After this, you will receive your certificate for your participation in the workshop.


After Work(shop) Party
Final get together

To finish the workshop, you’ll have a chance to meet up together and share your thoughts on the week in a relaxed atmosphere.

Most frequently asked questions

What can I expect in the Summer Workshop in International Management?

  • You’ll get an insight into important international topics that are relevant for the future
  • You’ll gain basic knowledge of the field of International Business, that you can then apply directly
  • You’ll take part in seminars and activities in English the whole week and so improve your English skills
  • We’ll visit an international organization in Cologne, so that you get to see what’s possible with an international study program
  • You’ll get to know lecturers and students of Hochschule Fresenius and get an insight into campus life
  • You’ll receive a certificate for participating in the Summer Workshop in International Business.

Sounds good – but is my English good enough?

  • Your knowledge of English from school is sufficient
  • Our experienced lecturers will give you an insight into the language of the business world – Business English
  • You can see how well you handle different kinds of content in English
  • We take care that the pace of all of the seminars fits and no one is left behind

Summer Workshop in International Business – should I really try it?

  • Definitely YES, if you find international topics interesting
  • Definitely YES, if you would like to get to know how international organizations function and work
  • Definitely YES, if you are interested in a future degree or career in an international environment
  • Definitely YES, if you and your friends want to try something new this summer

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Phone: +49 221-973199-735

Leona Straube, M. A.
Phone: +49 221-973199-580

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Internationality is more important than ever as the world is growing closer together. At the International Business School the students receive a management degree in the English language that allows graduates to begin a career in international organizations or abroad. The bachelor study programs include two integrated semesters abroad in the global cities Shanghai, New York or Sydney.

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